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Work You Might Do After Taking Esthetician Classes

A career as an esthetician might be a good option for you if you love working with people and are drawn to the beauty industry. To obtain a license, you'll need to take esthetician classes at a cosmetology school or trade school to learn about skin care, skin health, and makeup artistry. Once you've been trained, you can work in a variety of job settings. Here are some types of work you might enjoy as an esthetician.

Makeup Specialist

You'll learn how to apply cosmetics for various purposes. You might work in the theater or movie industry as a makeup artist. You might apply makeup to brides before their weddings. You could teach people how to apply their own cosmetics properly or you could do makeovers. Learning to apply makeup properly to achieve a desired result is a blend of art and skill, and you'll be well-trained in this aspect of beauty and skin care.

Skin Treatment Provider

Much of your training will focus on learning various forms of skin treatments. This prepares you for work in spa settings where you can give facials and facial massages. You'll learn about waxing and threading so you could work in a salon that provides these services.

Medical Treatment Assistant

You'll even learn about more advanced skin treatments so you're prepared to work in a dermatologist's office to help with procedures that resurface the skin or treat medical conditions. Your role could be to teach patients proper skin care for their condition or to teach makeup techniques that cover injuries or health problems. You might even work in a hospital as a medical esthetician to help people deal with facial disfigurement after surgery.

Product Consultant

Once you've had years of experience working with skin treatments and have had the chance to see results and understand what works, you might find work as a consultant for beauty products. You might help with marketing or formulating them. You might even create your own line of skin care or makeup products.

Beauty Educator

In addition to teaching your clients about skin care and makeup application, you could become an esthetician instructor. If you've always liked the idea of being a teacher, this would allow you to combine being a teacher with your love of the beauty industry. As an educator, you would always be on the leading edge of the industry and you would equip your students with the skills they need to excel as estheticians in the type of work they love.

You have many options as an esthetician, so your work will never be boring or routine. If you love being around people and helping them, then working as an esthetician could be an enjoyable career and leave you feeling good about what you do for a living. Contact a service, like Bear Heart School of Massage, for more help.