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Three Jobs That Can Help You To Prepare To Work As A Forklift Operator

If you're looking for a career change and have considered working as a forklift operator, you'll hopefully find several openings at companies in your area. To officially be hired and begin working, you'll commonly need to complete a forklift training course that will teach you not only how to operate this vehicle with and without a load, but also how to do so safely in a variety of different environments. You'll have a better chance of getting hired and excelling in the training and the job beyond if you've worked in an applicable field as a driver. Here are some jobs that can help you to prepare to work as a forklift operator:

Delivery Driver

Experience as a delivery driver will demonstrate that you're adept behind the wheel of a vehicle in a work setting. This job will have also taught you how to load and unload products safely, which will be valuable when you begin to work as a forklift operator. You'll also have precise skills — for example, you'll have had to master the skill of backing up your delivery truck in perfect alignment with a loading dock. As a forklift operator, you'll also need to be able to use precision to maneuver the vehicle in tight quarters.


Landscaping and forklift operating might not seem like close cousins, but the reality is that if you've worked on a riding tractor for a landscaping service, you'll have developed a skill that is applicable to operating a forklift. Namely, you'll know how to safely control a vehicle on uneven terrain. Although much of your work on the forklift might take place in a warehouse or in another environment with a flat ground, you'll also likely be working on slopes. For example, if you're working on dirt or stone at a job site, this will be the case. Your employer will need to trust that you'll position the forklift in the right manner to avoid it tipping over.

Warehouse Staff

If you're worked as a staff member at a warehouse, the skills that you've likely developed can also be helpful as you begin your career as a forklift operator. You'll have already developed an aptitude for understanding warehouse storage, which means that you should quickly get the hang of navigating the warehouse that you'll soon be working in. This will allow you to find what you're looking for, perhaps while a truck is waiting for you, in a timely fashion.

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