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3 Surprising Careers You Can Opt For With Just An Online Certification

Given the dramatic growth and expanded use that the internet has experienced in recent years, you are likely to know one or more people who take classes or work online. However, one common mistake that people make is the belief that online learning is only useful for individuals seeking an actual degree from a college or university. The truth is that there are many careers you can be trained for with just a certification that you can earn over the internet in a surprisingly brief period of time. If you are ready for a career change and hope to do so quickly, you should be aware of the following certifications that you can access online.  

#1-SEO Writer

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a field that is devoted to helping websites get a higher indexing in Google and other major search engines. If a person, company, business, etc. has a website, they are likely to want to direct as much traffic to their website as possible. SEO writers, who are also be known as SEO experts, use keyword research and similar practices in order to allow the websites they work on to appear on the front page of a search engine when prompted by the search criteria of a user.

Although there is not a specific certificate or number of educational hours that SEO writers are required to have, the techniques associated with that type of work are both complex and subject to change as the result of industry changes. Therefore, it's best to have good typing and research skills, a thorough understanding of the internet, word processing abilities and an excellent vocabulary. Online training can provide those skills, with some training that is free.        

#2-Yoga Instructor

Yoga can be described as a spiritual and physical activity that dates back hundreds of years to ancient India. It has become very popular in the United States in recent years and its devotees often spend large sums of money to take yoga classes. There are many different types of yoga, but some of the more popular options include the Hatha, Power, and Bikram disciplines.       

Becoming yoga teacher certified online to teach any style of yoga is a great way to get your foot in the door at a yoga studio and jump-start your career. Becoming certified in more than one style is often a good choice. Some online classes are accompanied by books, videos, and DVDs to provide the most well-rounded educational experience. Although there are a variety of online facilities that provide the necessary training, it's best to verify with the yoga studios in your area that they hire people who completed their training online. 

#3-Preschool Teacher

The title of preschool teacher is rather vague and can be used to describe everything from a teacher with a Master's degree in early childhood education to an assistant in the classroom, which in some states could be an 18-year with just a few college credits. However, it has become increasingly common for child care facilities to require a minimum of a certificate in preschool or early childhood education to work in any classroom or to be enrolled in an accredited school and working towards that goal.  

Fortunately, there are a number of online schools that can allow you to earn that certificate and start your career teaching young children important life skills. It is often possible to earn the required certificate online in as little as nine months. You may find that successful completion of that certificate frequently requires an internship of some sort in a child care or preschool facility.   

In conclusion, the key to a successful future is almost always going to be education and training. However, you don't need to spend years in a classroom to change careers and the above are just three examples of online certifications that can permit you to acquire the training you need in order to improve your future.