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No Hablo Ingles? Time To Take ESL Classes

Speaking next to no English here in the U.S. is not a good idea. Almost everyone speaks English, despite the fact that it is not always perfect English. If you are new to the country, it is in your best interests to learn enough English to carry on a conversation, ask for what you want from a restaurant, and get through a job interview with no difficulty. Here are some ways you can take ESL (English as a Second Language) classes.

ESL Classes in College

If you are here on a student visa to attend college, you can take ESL classes in college, such as at the Interactive College Of Technology. You can add an ESL class to your first semester or trimester so that you can learn the language and understand all of your professors and instructors better. It is also recommended that you take an ESL class the summer prior to your first term in college so that you can understand your instructors enough to take notes on the subject matter.

ESL Classes Online

You can also take ESL classes online. Here in the U.S., there are several online companies that offer ESL courses to help non-English speaking people learn English after work and on weekends. If you are already working a job, you could learn English in your spare time and then get a job promotion when you can speak English clearly.

Learn English in Ten Saturdays at a Community Center

There are many communities that have community centers. These community centers host special classes to learn new skills, such as speaking English. A common program that is offered at community centers is "learn to speak English in ten Saturdays." For ten Saturdays in a row, you sit in a community center meeting room learning how to speak English. The cost is often free, or has a very small fee attached for a workbook.

Hire a Translator Who Can Also Teach You English

Translators help you communicate with others. Some translators can also help you learn English. If you hire one part-time to work for you, he/she can teach you some English as well. Listen to what he/she says when he/she translates your native tongue into English. If you listen carefully, you will learn quite a bit of English. Since listening is also part of learning English, this is a good option to learn the language and learn how to speak it without having to take a lot of classes.