Work You Might Do After Taking Esthetician Classes

A career as an esthetician might be a good option for you if you love working with people and are drawn to the beauty industry. To obtain a license, you'll need to take esthetician classes at a cosmetology school or trade school to learn about skin care, skin health, and makeup artistry. Once you've been trained, you can work in a variety of job settings. Here are some types of work you might enjoy as an esthetician. [Read More]

A Few Job Options When You Have A Business Administration Degree

Many people feel that the only thing you can do with a degree in business administration is to be a manager. While you will certainly learn the skills needed to manage a company, this would be a waste unless it is a very large company and you are a high-level executive. There are many career opportunities for people with this degree, and while they may involve managing to some degree, they are much more than being " [Read More]

Three Jobs That Can Help You To Prepare To Work As A Forklift Operator

If you're looking for a career change and have considered working as a forklift operator, you'll hopefully find several openings at companies in your area. To officially be hired and begin working, you'll commonly need to complete a forklift training course that will teach you not only how to operate this vehicle with and without a load, but also how to do so safely in a variety of different environments. You'll have a better chance of getting hired and excelling in the training and the job beyond if you've worked in an applicable field as a driver. [Read More]

Four Things To Look For In A School When Returning As A Parent

Pursuing your education further as a parent is a great way to reach your career goals to better not only your future but your child's future, as well. However, returning to school as a parent is not easy, but it can be made just a bit easier when you find the right school that meets your needs. Here are four specific things you should be looking for as you evaluate colleges in your area: [Read More]